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3D Laser Scanning

A fundamental reason behind 3D scanning is to collect data on an existing process and facility. Installations are not always accurate to the CAD models, and in return, models do not always get updated after the installations. CAD models can lack in detailing field pipe, wireway, and ventilation routing resulting in an inaccurate representation of a true as-built.


Long days in the field, collecting dimensions with cameras and tape measures are fading quickly. Laser scanning is one of the most trusted and least invasive means in which to gather field data. However, the distinction lies in how you apply point cloud data.  


Our advantage is the ability to utilize point cloud data and other CAD software to aid our client in visualizing the future arrangement within an existing area. Only one source is required to collect the data, limiting delay for multiple engineering resources.


The combination of 3D models\point clouds improves coordination and communication among engineering teams and resources. Studies show that using laser scans increases understanding the conditions of the current area, reduces time in the field, identifies and prevents design errors in planning, and reduces time spent on redesign and installation integration.  


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