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CCS was founded on providing Control System Integration and has been providing software development, maintenance, and system design & implementation and programming services to Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Automotive clients since 2001. 


We aim to provide the best value software development and systems integration services to our clients that will help achieve their objectives and allow them to take complete ownership upon project completion. 


CCS provides Control System Architecture, PLC Programming, HMI Development, Validation, Training, Installation Support, Commissioning Support, and Long-Term Production Support. CCS is versed in the following software: 



  • Studio 5000 

  • SLC 500 Series 

  • CompactLogix 

  • ControlLogix 

  • MicroLogix 

  • PLC5 

  • RSlogix 5000 and 500 

  • RSView ME Studio 

  • Kinetix Series Servos 

  • Ultra Series Servos 

  • Any Allen-Bradley Application 



  • Indramat Servo Control 



  • Robotic 

  • Motoman 

  • GE-Fanuc 



  • WonderWare 

  • Archestra 

  • ActiveFactory 


Schneider Electric 

  • Concept and Unity 



  • Quantum 

  • 984 Conversions 

  • Premium 

  • Concept 

  • Unity 

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