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Mechanical Engineering

Process Design

 Full 3D Area Layouts and Design (Solidworks, Navisworks, Revit)

 Process Flow Diagrams & P&IDs

 Mass Balance & Process Calculations


Process and Utilities Piping

 Process Fluids, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Steam, Condensate

 Pump, Piping and Valve Sizing

 Flow Meter Expertise


Process & Environmental HVAC

 Temperature and Humidity control for cooling, heating, drying applications

 Sanitary design capabilities for food production

 Provide Integrated dust collection systems

 Integrated CIP capabilities for coil units

 Heat Load, Utilities, Energy  Calculation

 Prime mover sizing and specifications


Dust Collection Design


Conveyor Belt and Pneumatic Conveying Design


Custom Machine Design

 Develop 3D Models

 Fabrication Drawing Development

 Integrated Controls and Automation

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